Monday, February 20, 2006

Engineering Suicide

(Article dedicated to Cruel Parents who force their kids to dead engineering schools,
to the industry which is creating fine layers in society, the government which
sanctions these "prestigious" schools and those rare souls unable to
fit into their system of education have commited suicide.
commited suicide is the only best option currently available to our students)

Engineering Suicide

Recently a bright student of BMS Engineering college,Bangalore committed suicide,
as she did not fair well in the campus interview of a software company.
The letter she wrote had these words "Sorry papa,I have no future, I wasted your time and money.".
Reading this again, we feel sorry not for her, we feel sorry for these institutions
which are built over the bones of our children. We feel sorry for those who felt powerful
and assasinated her. We feel sorry for the society which never cares for its children
and their education. We feel angry at these institutions and universities who stand to make money
and run to sell education.

Is time and money more important than life ??
Why do we give so much importance to future neglecting the present ??
Is not future a mere hallucination of the mind that is afraid ??
Does future really exist outside the present ??
There is actually nothing called waste in nature yet we train our children
not to waste time, not to waste life so on.
We send our students to learn and to share knowledge to universities.
Do we ask them if they have learnt anyting or shared anything in their colleges ??
The trend of our educational insitutions is to demoralize the individual
and burn his intelligence and leaving him empty.
Hence he is always bothered about the future forgetting the fullness in the present

This reflects the way we educate and care our children.
We want them to be toppers in school so that they get admission
to supposedly proffesional colleges like IIT/ REC/ Best Engineering schools.
One might as well ask what is the difference between the terrorist camps
run by Osama Bin Laden and the Engineering institutes of our state.
Both of them terrorize students and community.
Mould the minds of community to suit their recruitment and placement strategy.
Promise better "Future" for future leaders,
have their own knowledge and text books to load the brain and
train the men. Lastly send young men to US/UK corporate towers in NewYork and London to carry out operations.

Parents and Industry need to enquire together

Parents who would want their children to be educated in these
proffesional colleges should visit the colleges before
admitting their children. The colleges lack good teachers, lack
other activities to encourage dialogue and discussion.
The colleges prime task is to fool parents and students
and make money for them .
Do the parents speak to the teachers and principal ??
Our government and its institution are the frankestein monsters
ready to destroy our land and our life.
Is it prudent to hand over the responsibility of our children
to these universities ??
Is not the mothers stomach more safe for our children??
Do we give birth to our children to not even kill them,
but to make them kill themselves ??
Why are we so hard,so cruel,more harsh than the animals found in the
dense jungle towards our own children ??
Do the parents understand the courses that are taught ??
Does the industry interact with the college students apart from
exporting (smuggling) the students like vegetables to US and Europe ??
Are teachers qualified to be teachers ??
Is teaching a respectable proffession or is it a
last option for the failed student ??
Is teaching the option for those left behind in the
rat race ??
Is their better mission to our education system
(includes IIT,REC and other "Elite " Institutions ) other than capturing alive and
transporting our youth to United States ??
How is this different from the slavery followed
200 years back ???
Does not the modern engineering colleges make one a foreigner in ones own nation ??
Does not engineering college build up a tight compartmentalised
system for knowledge seeking ??
Does it not make his knowledge abstract with no real knowledge
to think independently ??

Human beings as resources

One of the IT leaders said that india can become
a IT resource nation similar to petrol rich nations - Iran and Iraq.
The terminology of human resource looks at human beings
not as human beings but things embedded in earth to be moulded and
exploited. For which we need a human resource manager and also
a course in the elite management schools to manage human beings.
By making only one person understand and deal with the human issue
the corporates cleverly escape the responsibility of establishing the
real communication between the human beings.
Human beings are not dead resources they are living beings
with hunger and sorrow buring in their stomachs most of the time.
When human beings are looked as human beings,
we will definitely not have these dead institutions
where dead bodies teach dead subjects to living students.

The Stake Holders

Most of these institutions are run by politicians and religious gurus.
The politicians and religious gurus derive mileage by the fact that
they are educating and helping the society in creating "Employable"
youth. The real picture is opening engineering collegs and petrol bunks
is a business strategy to make money without doing any work.
They just need to bribe some official at the AICTE to get the
sanction to start a college. Next steps are comparitively easy,
assemble few computers and search for a name that has a Sanskrit
Jargon like Vidya, Jnana etc - a Engineering college is born.
The flow of money is fast and gives greater control and power
over the society. They also make appointments based on caste
thereby strengthening the caste structure and degrading the quality.
The students are the real bakras, they attend the classes
which make little sense and are eager to get out of the
colleges with two / three lettered degree certificates without
learning two letters in these colleges.

University knows that with the qualityless, lifeless teaching staff the students will not
attend the classes. Hence they have made a rule of 60% attendance compulsary for anyone
wishing to attend the examination. This might make the student punctual,
but definitely punctures his mind for he is doing something he does not want to do.
To prepare for the examination one needs to go through the dead
question papers of the past. Let them remove this rule you will see the students attending only
laboratory and the semester exams. In the examination hall it is merely
vomitting the undigested words from memory.

This fits well all the corrupt stake holders in the society.
The parents who want the children to earn more and more importantly fly to US as fast as possible.
The teachers who want no trouble but fixed salary with fixed heirarchial structure and fixed subjects to teach.
The industry which wants more resources to export (smuggle) or program into software programmers.
The government which can project the employment and export figures in media.
The media which creates the hype and also earns huge revenue by advertising for jobs.
Ultimately all these stake holders have a sense of achievement
when in reality they have not acheived anything except destroying the

The Big IT industries does not really want engineers
it needs programmers and men who can talk good english and can do what is told
to do by their bosses in US or UK. Secondly since they pay huge packages
the engineering institutions can never pay the same amount and hence
attract the least qualified people to teach engineering.
This really makes them unproffessional, yet for the
name sake they are called proffessional colleges.
The IT Big Guys are aware that education in india stinks.
Hence they send their kids to universities abroad.
After all they want the best of both the world.

Since the colleges do not provide good education, the students
spend their time in talking thereby mastering the art of
talking. The rest of the time is spent in attending
computer languages and courses(C++. VC++, C sharp, basic, Visual basic)
that fit the needs of the changing industry.
The shocking aspect is these students communicate poorly in both english and
their mother tongue.

They eagerly wait to attend the campus interview and finish
their education and never worry again about this rotten
system of education. It is like a man travelling in a BTS bus buying a Car
and travelling in a car. He will never worry again about public transport system.
Once they get a job in the campus interview they
have succeeded in life and the rest have utterly failed.
Those who are "Still Brilliant" succeed in going to US after writing their GRE.
These really brilliant and succesful people end up building
our economy and society where majority of men are forced to fail.
This boosts the ego of these succesul men and they soon
turn solution providers for all the world problems.
For example if the world has a acute water problem
the Solution these brilliant people provide will range from desalinating
the sea water to interlinking the rivers. The water of course will be tasteless.
They force their solutions on the world and expect rewards
from the world in the form of beautiful bride to large
tracts of land. The media whenever they sneeze reports
all their activities and insane talk as words of wisdom.
The bored queens of these IT kings start social service foundations to get tax exemption.
And spend their wealth in "Social" service and earn Lotus awards from the government.
They also advice us how to live "Wisely" and the other effects of not living "Wisely".
Thus the high tech society inturn makes both the "successful"
and "failed" ones commit "suicide simultaneously", although in different ways.

While the IT Kings and their family are celebrating the lotus awards for their great work
and the governments are hailing their extra ordinary achievement,
we have to attend the funeral of our children.
And while attending such funerals we investigate and try to find the answers
for many questions that inevitable arise.
What is real education ?? What is education supposed to do to society ??
What is it doing currently ?? WHat is the job we do for which we struggle and pass so many tests ??
Who benefits from the job ?? Do i benefit or my community benefits ??
What is Employment ?? Who is the Employer and the Employed ??
What is Technology doing to our society ??
Does the society or the community really exist or there
are only opportunist selfish individuals created by these institutions ??

We do not search for definite answers like the ordinary people do, where
a engineering student definitely goes to US. But keep the spirit of enquiry
and the search open.

Everyone feels it is time to close down these institutions and build a
open free and liberal engineering learning centers where branch or knowledge is not so critical
but the ability to learn and engineer life tools and nurturing life
is paramount. Where students learn engineerng as a art and not a military exercise.
Where they study the great works of leo nardo da vinci and work as
a apprentice learning the basic skills. Where they will learn that
which is related to what they will be doing after the apprenticeship.

Till we have such centers these "zombie" training centers will continue to
pump out robots that are cruel and lifeless. But the tragedy is those
who really feel are made powerless and voiceless in this new economy.
After all "Great India is a largest working democracy after US"
Mera Bharat Mahan, Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

Peace to all students who study in the engineering colleges
and those who plan to write the CET/IIT JEE (after lot of struggle)
and join these engineering colleges. Mercy to all powerful placement
officers. Greater mercy to all recruitment managers of great high tech companies
who design and conceive difficult puzzles to break the intelligence.


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