Thursday, December 29, 2005

Self Identification

Recently i saw a add of IBM which mentioned,
Iam a Testiing Engineer
Iam a SAP Consultant
Iam a Oracle Proffessional
Iam an Industrial Domain Specialist.
IAM A DW programmer.

If some body identifies himself with these quotations , it clearly shows the
confusion that exists about who in reality are .

All these becoming infact destroys the reality of who we are .
Instead the whole life is made a struggle to become one thing or the other
and finally remaining nothing inside and outside.

Infact the whole religion of india exists to show man who really is .
He is asked to probe the truth about himself with the question "Who Am I ??" (Read about Ramana -
In modern life you have to identify - with your occupation or your company.
If you work for infosys you have to call yourself Infoscion.
If you stop working for infosys and join wipro suddenly you become a wiproite.
Also this identification with knowledge.
If you know C++ or OOPS you are a OOPS specialist.
Ooops ! why this craze for identifying with so many things.

I simply remain as Iam what Iam simply Iam.


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