Monday, December 05, 2005

Kashmir - A Perfect Example of Deadlock

Deadlock Issue :
The Recent controversy about Google Maps displaying the Kashmir Map is a perfect example of deadlock that is there between Government of India visavis Government of Pakistan .
Till we matured we always drew the map that included POK as Indian Kashmir.The Pakistanis refer Indian Kashmir as IOK.
The indians refer the pakistani kashmir as POK.
What is not OK -
- is the division of Kashmir .
- is the killing of innocent children by terrorists and killing of these "terrorists" as militants.
- is that the most sacred and the most beautiful space on mother
earth is now the center of violence and killing.

This confusion exists in the terminology also - Indians call
terrorists as terrorists . Pakistanis call them as Jihadis.
Actually they are neither terrorists nor jihadis.
They are Human Beings like you and me .
Human Beings who want to be heard because they are denied some
rights and some freedom.

Analysis :
That both Indian Government and Pakistani Government are stupid and they are fighting over a deadlock which can only be resolved if both sides remain silent.

Solution :
Part1 :
The common resource of Kashmir is claimed by Two Different threads
"Hindu Thread " && the Muslim Thread as a resource.
What is Important to realize is Kashmir is not a resource but a Thread
with its own culture and own language.
Both "Indians??" and "Pakistanis??" need to realize and get rid of the

Once we realize this we will not send military to kashmir and pakistanis
will stop sending terrorists or freedom fighters to kashmir.
We need to switch into listening mode - trying to understand and
feel what they want to say.
Then we shall be free of all violence and perhaps we can have
real integration.


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