Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bhugil: "Saibaba Syndrome"
Saibaba Syndrome

This is a syndrome that affect many people
in India. The Main Symptoms of this disease
are :
1> Attempting to attract the most famous
and making them your disciples.
2> Impressing them by exhibiting super
normal powers.

Thus by creating a great following of all
the rich and the mighty, the Latest Avatar Saibaba
of God intends to bring to peace to Earth.

Now When these elite (include all politicians,
IAS Baboos, sportsmen, movie stars) follow the Gurujis,Babas they form their own cult and attempt to find moksha or safety for their fallen soul.
Unfortunately our nation is led by these "Role models"
who are rolling our nation towards abysmal state.

Remedy :
A good reading of H. Narasimhaiahs (A great educationist)Auto Biography.-"Horratada haadi " .
Total rejection of all beliefs(left/right/religious/caste/scientific)
and an eye for investigating the Truth.
H. Narasimhaiahs greatest contribution is to bring in scientific temper
to the society . He started the National College Science Forum.
Every Wednesday there is a lecture , today there is a good lecture on "Beautiful objects in SKY".
We have stopped looking at the stars.
But stare at our own stupidity all th time.
Time to look at the eternal sky.


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